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Identification Cards 

Child and Elder Identification Cards

 Identification Cards

Identification cards can be a helpful resource in times of an emergency or when traveling abroad. 

Ideal for children, elders, or those with disabilities.

You will be provided with 2 cards, one for you to keep in a safe place such as your wallet and the other can be placed with your child/elder.  It can be worn on a lanyard when your child/elder is away from you, like on a field trip or in someone else's care. 

You may also request to have your their fingerprints taken.


In the event your child/elder is separated, it can assist officials in returning them safely.  


Employee Badge

Employee Badges

Build your small business' brand and credibility with professional id badges.

Provide us with an appropriate photo in jpg or png format, your company name and logo, as well any other information that needs to be included. 


In most cases, the badges can be printed the same day.  

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